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    After a fairly quiet and peaceful summer vacation, Peyton and Caitlin were on their way to starting their second year of high school. On the first day, the two best friends entered Sietnap High School through the front entrance with confidence. Finally, they were no longer freshman! They were no longer at the bottom of the food chain.

    Yet, as Peyton and Caitlin strolled through the halls, other students were pointing and whispering amongst each other. Even freshman were doing the same thing.

    Caitlin was starting to feel self-conscious. “Why are they pointing at us?”

    “I dunno. I feel like they may be mocking us.”

    Suddenly, a tall, fairly built teenage girl with a round face and curly hair that was dirty blonde stepped into Peyton and Caitlin’s path. The girl was wearing a black blazer with black jeans, a brown handbag, flats and a fedora.

    “Hello, I'm Debby Ryles, can I bother you two for some quotes?” asked the girl.

    Caitlin frowned. “I'm sorry, who are you?”

    The girl sighed and pulled her school ID out of her handbag. The ID had a special stamp on it. “I'm Debby Ryles. The head editor for Sietnap’s school newspaper.”

    Peyton made a face. “Our school has a newspaper?”

    Debby sighed dramatically. “Yes. We do. And you're gonna be in an article for this year's debut print.”

    “Why me?”

    “You're the undies girl. Everyone on campus knows you as that and I want some quotes on if you want to keep that reputation going or not.”

    Peyton scowled. “What? That's my reputation around here?”

    Caitlin shrugged. “Honestly, are you really that surprised?”

    “Don't get too cocky, Caitlin,” said Debby. “You've made a name for yourself around here too as her sidekick.”

    Peyton crossed her arms. “You want a freaking quote? Fine. Here's one: I do not want to keep my reputation as the undies girl. Who on earth would want to keep that? I hope that this year is a fresh start for me and my reputation, especially since our pervert principal is gone.”

    Debby pulled a memo book from her handbag and wrote word for word what Peyton had said. “Interesting. Care to add?”

    Suddenly, the Capri shorts Peyton was wearing were pulled down to her knees, revealing her grey panties with little blue spots on them.

    Debby wasted no time and pulled a camera out of her handbag to quickly snap a picture. “The undies girl strikes again!”

    Peyton pulled her pants and glared at the random student who had snuck behind her to pull her pants down. “That is not my nickname!” She stormed away followed by Caitlin.


    Later on during lunch, Peyton was standing with her boyfriend Carl in the lunch line and was telling him about what had happened this morning.

    “So now apparently, a lot of people here think of me as the undies girl,” Peyton finished. “I hate that reputation.”

    “Well on the bright side...I bet your underwear was on point,” offered Carl.

    Peyton rolled her eyes. “Shut up. All I'm saying is that if I'm gonna be famous around here, I don't want it to be because people see my underwear all the damn time.”

    Carl checked a notification on his phone. “Well, right now, I don't think you're the most talked about thing on campus right now.”

    Peyton raised an eyebrow. “Thanks?”

    Carl shook his head. “No. Our rivals Phillip Ussy High aka P. Ussy just pulled a prank on our school. Some of their students spray painted “PUHS” in front of our school statue and then covered the statue with women's lingerie.” He showed his girlfriend the picture.

    Peyton smirked. “Oh wow. That's actually kind of funny.”

    “Yeah. But P. Ussy has been talking smack on Twitter all summer and now they follow up with a prank on the first day of school. I feel like things might be escalating between our two schools. Our class president has said that she is trying to make things less tense between us and P. Ussy and doesn't want us to retaliate with a prank of our own, but I heard some students already planning a payback prank so I'm not sure how successful she'll be.”

    Peyton waved her fingers mockingly. “Ooh, High School politics, how scary... Give me a break.”

    At that moment, Peyton was pantsed for a second time that day. She yelped and pulled her shorts back up while nearly dropping her food.

    Carl stared at the student who had pantsed his girlfriend. “Hey wait a second! Aren't you the freshman from my Chemistry class?”

    The student didn't answer and darted away.

    Debby Ryles came out of nowhere, holding her memo book. “Pantsed by a freshman! Peyton, despite your reputation as the undies girl, is this a new low for you?”

    Peyton scowled. “No comment.”


    If Peyton thought her first day was bad, Theresa Folore’s day was a whole lot worse.

    At the end of last school year, she was given a punishment for being a part of the fabric acid team. She had to begin the school year by spending two whole weeks at in-school-suspension, which meant spending the whole day with a grumpy teacher that made Theresa and a few other students sit in silence the whole day and do homework from their classes. After only one day, ISS was driving Theresa crazy.

    Then after school, Theresa had to go serve detention every day for the next three weeks.

    As Theresa walked to detention, she couldn't wait for it to start. It couldn't be any worse than ISS, right?

    Theresa took a seat in the cafeteria (where detention was being held). Right at 3 o'clock, the supervisor shut the door, locking in the 40 students who'd gotten detention on the first day of school.

    The supervisor went to go sit in a chair at the front of the cafeteria and dozed off after ten minutes. After he fell asleep, the students began to murmur to each other, like it was a normal thing.

    Theresa turned around in her seat, leaned back against the table and pulled out her phone to check her Twitter feed when three boys who looked to be juniors surrounded her.

    “Can I help you?” asked Theresa.

    “You were part of the fabric acid group, weren't you?” growled one of the boys.

    “I don't have to answer to you three,” Theresa said as she scrolled through Twitter.

    “Last winter, our girlfriends were walking to the mall when your little team dumped fabric acid on them, leaving them in their underwear,” said another boy.

    This was probably true. Rogers had the team do some random fabric acid missions over the winter break just after the team was assembled. “Okay, well you do remember it was a fabric acid team, right?” Theresa said with a mocking tone. “A team means I didn't do it by myself. It wasn't just me who did that.”

    “Yeah but the other team members aren't here, are they?” said the first guy.

    That was also true. Jerry and the other boys from the fabric acid team had received harsher punishments. They had to spend a whole month of OSS (out-of-school-suspension) and then they had to spend an indefinite amount of time attending a delinquent school nearby instead of Sietnap. “Yeah, well what does that matter?” Theresa asked.

    “It matters because it's payback time.” One of the dudes lunged forward and tied a spare t-shirt over Theresa’s mouth. The other two worked to pull off her pants, blouse and hoodie, leaving Theresa in a hot pink bra with bikini panties that were a lighter shade of pink.

    “Mmm, how does it feel now to be exposed like this, huh?” taunted one of the guys.

    Theresa tried to escape, but the guys were holding her back. She also tried to call for help, but the t-shirt muffled her voice.

    The three boys chuckled and sat on either side of Theresa. “That's right, payback’s a bitch, isn't it?” the first guy said. “Now why don't you sit like this for the rest of detention and wallow in your embarrassment, kinda like how our girlfriends had to do when they were exposed by your fabric acid!”

    Theresa had no choice but to spend the next hour sitting in her underwear, trapped between these three boys. Luckily, just before detention ended, they gave Theresa her clothes back, but they also told her not to snitch on them.

    Or else…


    Meanwhile, Claire and Emily were getting ready to lead an informational meeting for new girls interested in joining the cheerleading team. The meeting was being held in a geography classroom on the first floor. About 15 female students were in attendance.

    Emily waddled over to Claire with her hands in the pockets of her jeans. “Can we make this quick?” asked Emily. “The belt to my jeans broke, so I have to hold up my pants and I don't wanna be at school longer than I have to.”

    “Yeah don't worry about it.” Claire placed all the informational packets on a desk in the front of the classroom. “Hello everyone! My name is Claire Thorne and I am the captain of the cheerleading team. This is Emily, the co-captain. The informational packets are right here on the desk in front of me, I will briefly go over what's in them but I will need you all to go home and read them over all the way through, because they contain important information regarding the team.”

    A tall pretty blonde wearing a NIKE shirt and yoga pants raised her hand. “Excuse me, but is there any way to try out to become cheerleader captain?”

    “Why would I do that?” asked Claire.

    “Because I was captain at the school I transferred from,” replied the girl. “And I feel like I'd be a good captain, seeing as how I have experience and actually earned my captain title based on merit and skill. From what I hear, you became captain as a sophomore only because of a scandal that practically wiped out your team.”

    Claire scowled. This girl was bold. “Okay, how I became captain is not important. The team functions well under me and I see no reason to change that.”

    “Does the coach feel the same way?” the girl asked.

    Claire honestly had no idea. Their “coach” was really just a teacher that was a glorified babysitter. The captain usually ran the team. But there was no way she was going to let this girl know that. “I'm pretty sure the coach isn't interested in finding a new captain Ms... Ms…”

    “Lily,” finished the girl. “My name is Lily Weaver. And that's too bad. Because I learned quite a few tricks from my old squad. Like this one.”

    Lily went to the front of the classroom and flipped over each desk, landing on her hands, then her feet, her hands, then her feet. It was pretty impressive because of the small amount of space she had to land in between each desk.

    After the last flip, the other prospective girls applauded Lily.

    Emily put her hands behind her head. “Uh oh, Claire. It looks like you have some competition.”

    “I can see that,” growled Claire.

    Emily's jeans slid to the floor since she wasn't holding them up. Under the jeans, she'd been wearing a mustard yellow thong. “Oops!” She quickly pulled her jeans back up.


    Peyton and Caitlin leaned against the wall near the boy's bathroom. At long last, Carl finally came out.

    “Thank goodness!” Peyton said as she laced her hand within her boyfriend’s. “What took you so long?”

    Carl shook his head. “What a man does on the toilet is his own business.”

    “Well if it took you that long, I hope you left behind an air freshener,” Caitlin said.

    “Haha, very funny,” said Carl.

    The three of them were headed towards one of the side exits of Sietnap High.

    “Are we gonna wait for Emily?” Peyton asked.

    “Well, she has her cheerleading meeting today, but—” Caitlin was interrupted when someone ran up behind her and yanked her red skirt down. The same person pantsed Peyton and then dashed away.

    “Are you kidding me?” Peyton angrily pulled up her pants. “This is the third time today! I'm sick of being the undies girl!”

    “And I don't wanna be the ‘undies girl’s sidekick’,” added Caitlin. She pulled her skirt back up to hide her pair of lacy white panties with flower patterns. “If anything, I'm the main attraction!”

    Peyton sighed angrily. “I don't want this reputation! I wish there was something I could do to fix it. Like maybe adopt a new reputation?”

    “How would you do that?” asked Carl.

    Peyton was silent for a moment as she, Carl and Caitlin continued to walk. Then, she stopped in her tracks and stared a poster on the wall next to the hallway exit.

    “What's going on?” Carl asked. “Why did we stop?”

    “I think there may be a way for me to get rid of my bad reputation,” Peyton said.

    Caitlin tilted her head. “How?”

    Peyton pointed at the poster she was staring at. The poster was purple and in big black letters it said: “ATTENTION UNDERCLASSMEN: THERE ARE OPENINGS IN SGA FOR FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE CLASS PRESIDENT/VP. APPLY TODAY TO RUN FOR OFFICE!!!

Next time on Pantsless Peyton: Theresa has to endure another torturous day in detention. But will Peyton and Caitlin run for office in SGA?


This is SEASON 3 PREMIERE Pantsless Peyton and the thirty-eighth overall in the series. 

In “New School Year=New Challenges”, At the start of the new school year at Sietnap High School, Peyton tries to deal with a reputation that she now has, but doesn't like. Meanwhile, Theresa encounters trouble while serving her punishment for being in the fabric acid group, then Claire & Emily run into problems of their own at the cheerleading team's informational meeting.

I hope you all enjoyed this installment and are looking forward for more to come!! I really hope you guys like the storyline I have planned out for this season. I sure am excited as hell to begin Season 3!!! :)

Link to next installment: 
Run, girl run! 
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